Turkey’s Fastest and Best Mobile Operators Announced

According to the nPerf research, which is based on the fastest download and upload, lowest latency, browser and YouTube access speeds, Turkey’s best mobile operator has been determined. According to the success score determined within the scope of the research, Vodafone ranked first with 87.97%, followed by Türk Telekom with 87% and Turkcell with 82.04%.

While 5G supported smart phones are becoming more and more widespread, three mobile operators in Turkey, Türk Telekom, Vodafone and Turkcell, continue to work on infrastructure. However, even though we are starting to own these phones, we still have a long way to go before the 5G infrastructure is completed. When this road is finished, subscribers will receive 5G service from which operator will depend on their previous experience.

4G+ mobile access points, which we know as 4.5G in Turkey today, but the last version of 4G before 5G, are quite common especially in metropolitan areas. Therefore, making a comparison between the three mobile operators, we know which one is more advantageous in which respect. Let’s look at the results of the research done by nPerf together.

Türk Telekom surpassed Turkcell with its performance in the first 6 months of 2021, reaching the top:

best mobile operator

Türk Telekom scored 57,182, Turkcell 51,722 and Vodafone 49,021 points this year. nPerf, who organized the research; These points, which he called nPoints, in Turkey 2G, 3G ve 4G speed tests performed by mobile users receiving the service 104,313 times. basing it. Scores are created with components such as download and upload speeds, latency, YouTube “streaming” speed from all tests.

In addition, according to nPerf, 55.8% of the users who made the tests were Turkcell, 17.6% Türk Telekom and 26.6% Vodafone users. However, in which regions these tests were conducted, which affected the report more than the weight of the users, because Rural and urban areas in Turkey There is a significant difference between mobile connection speeds. Since nPerf does not share any details about the test regions, we cannot clarify this issue.

Which mobile operator offered how much download and upload speed on average?

  • Turkish telecom: 29.56 mb/s download, 11.14 mb/s upload
  • Turkcell: 27.88 mb/s download, 9.68 mb/s upload
  • Vodafone: 17.60 mb/s download, 8.18 upload

Türk Telekom is the leader in download and upload speeds, followed by Turkcell by a small margin. Vodafone, on the other hand, lags far behind the leader Türk Telekom in terms of download speed. As we mentioned above, these results may differ due to the regions where the tests were carried out, that is, the users live in rural or urban areas.

According to the speed change graph for the period of January – June 2021, Türk Telekom surpassed Turkcell in terms of download speed:

download and upload speeds

According to this chart, which presents a different impression from the results achieved with average values, Türk Telekom maintained its leadership until April, while Turkcell seems to have made an attack since June. Since the average value of the 6 months in this chart is taken in the report, the results obtained as of June will be evident at the end of 2021. We will also share the latest situation with you.

Just looking at the 4G measurements, the color of the business changes, Vodafone rises to the leading position:

vodafone download speed

As we said before, the above measurements are; It was based on the test results of 2G, 3G and 4G connection standards and all service recipients. Based on 90,709 tests from these results When we filter the 4G metrics Vodafone sits in the lead with a success score of 93.31%. Turkcell follows it with 84.03% and Türk Telekom with 83.63%.

When we look at only 4G+ or 4,5G as we know it, we come across as the leader Turkcell:

Turkcell download speed

In the 4.5G service, which is mainly offered in urban areas, the percentage success scores are generally low. In this list, Turkcell is the leader with 42.92%. It is followed by Türk Telekom with 36.18% and Vodafone with 26.49%.

Vodafone is the leader in latency:

  • Vodafone: 44.72 ms
  • Turkcell: 50,27 ms
  • Turk Telekom: 55.73 ms

By leaving behind Vodafone, Turkcell and Türk Telekom in latency, which is another indicator for internet connection quality apart from download and upload speeds, the operator that makes the user wait the least it happened. One of the most striking points of the report is that Türk Telekom, which is in the leading position according to all performance results, is in the last place in delay times. Latency is a very important value for online mobile games and live broadcasts.

Looking at the delay time by month, Vodafone’s attack is seen:

delay times

While Türk Telekom was the leader in terms of latency until May 2021, two operators along with Turkcell decreased in June, Vodafone’s Its rise since March We see that it continues and rises to the leading position in June.

Conclusion: Service quality is user specific, not average

The 4G+ infrastructure, which promises higher download and upload speeds compared to 4G, has not yet fully reached the rural areas that make up a large part of Turkey. Operators instead invest their investments in the population and to urban areas with high connection demand They are doing. Therefore, the results of the research may not be accepted correctly, especially by those living in rural areas.

As users who make regular monthly payments, we all have the right to receive quality connection service. With 5G, which is expected to be broadcast in urban areas of Turkey by 2025, the number of older 2G and 3G ports will also decrease. Average speeds will increase and latency will decrease. However, consumers providing the best service in the region they live in, offering new technologies in the fastest way operators will be preferred.