Turkey's First International Success of the Mars Exploration Rover


Özyeğin University students formed the core of the Rover Team, he scored Turkey's first international success designing the Mars Exploration tool.

Hope (Hope) with the new discovery tool they named United States of America'The team participated in URC (University Rover Challenge), one of the world's most prestigious competitions in the field of robotics, held in the Utah state of the city, and reached the final in the competition as a result of the evaluation and elimination between 16 countries and 93 teams. This international event on designing and building the next generation reconnaissance and rover vehicle to explore the red planet Mars is open to participation from all over the world.

ÖzÜ Rover Team While developing discovery vehicles since 2014, it started working on developing a new traveler in October 2019. With the popular vote, the new traveler was named Hope with the suggestion that "Space has always been the hope for humanity to discover new places and values." The team will be held in the U.S. (European Rover Challenge) applied to participate. ÖzÜ Rover Team, which passed the pre-selection process in ERC, managed to reach the finals in URC. The team, which continues to work due to coronavirus, is waiting for the competition to be held in September 2020. only three teams had been able to participate in urc'y from Turkey.

Özyeğin University Robotics Laboratory directors Dr. Faculty Member Özkan BebekEstablished under the consultancy of Turkey, ÖzÜ Rover Team offers an environment for undergraduate students who want to do research in the field of robotics and prepares them for their future professional lives with the projects they have developed. Undergraduate students working on research and development projects on planet travelers in the Robotics Laboratory have successfully represented our country at the European Rover Challenge with four different robots since its establishment. The team competed in 56 teams from 16 different countries last year. ERC-2019in 13th place with the travelers named Theia II.

Suavi Yıldırım, Ahmet Emre Toprak, Alp Çamsakız, Ataberk Yapıcı, Burcu Kaya, Mehmet Emil and Ozan Aktürk, Ahmet Çağatay Savaşlı, Berkecan Koçyiğit, Damla Tütüncü in the team consisting of students who continue their education in different fields at Özyeğin University. , Deniz Uğur, İsmail Can Yağmur and Salih Metin Arkanöz, Tuğberk Nurtan from Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mert Birgün and Zeynep Yılbırt, Asena Ayşe Loose from Industrial Engineering, Atahan Çaldır and Özge Özcan, and Zeynep Örüklü from Business Administration.

What does the Planet Explorer do?

Developed to do research on celestial bodies Planet travelersunmanned ground vehicles, mostly Mars and the Moon They are robots designed to examine on. Designed for these purposes, travelers carry equipment such as a walking system that can withstand harsh conditions, a robotic arm capable of lifting various equipment that can assist astronauts, various sensors and high resolution cameras for image transfer. The main purpose of the research done on the surfaces of the planets is to identify the life that existed or continued in the past.

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