Turkey’s New ‘Promotion’ Video Shared

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has prepared a new promotional video specifically targeting holidaymakers. This video, titled Gez Sen Anatolia, is only 27 seconds, but shows an important part of Turkey’s natural beauty.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has launched a new campaign to promote our country during the peak of the tourism season. video published. Promotional video served on the social media platforms of the Ministry, Travel Sen Anatolia The title shows the natural and human beauties in our country.

The promotional video titled “Gez Sen Anadolu’yu” is only 27 seconds. However, all the beauties of Turkey have been packed into this short period of time. In the video, especially Cappadocia, Natural beauties in Turkey part of it is included.

The new Turkey promotional video of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

The promotional video published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was also published by the citizens. well liked. In the video in question, people almost get into the mood of “Those are ours whether we go or not.” This video of the Ministry attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. will affect is being considered.

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