Turkey's Star 'Anatolia' extrasolar planet 'Gokturk' Had


The International Astronomical Union (IAU) 100th anniversary celebration of the scope of the world to Turkey in the campaign that started in general 'WASP-52' coded star 'Anatolia', the planet in its orbit 'Gokturk' name was given.

Within the scope of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the International Astronomical Union, it was proposed to give 70 countries and 70 stars and names to the planet with the theme '100 years under the same sky'. Turkish Astronomical Society in 'Turkey exoplanet field giving the name' campaign launching of the Ministry of Education to schools and universities stars and demanded a name for the planet.

In the campaign, which ended on October 25th, the jury of 7 evaluated about 300 names and determined the last 6 proposals for stars and exoplanets. The jury sent their names to the International Astronomical Union. The International Astronomical Union has decided to make the name after discussing 6 proposals. According to Turkey 'WASP-52' coded star 'Anatolia'If the planet orbits, 'Göktürks' given the name.

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President of the Turkish Astronomy Association Dr. İbrahim Küçük stated that the campaign results were announced to the world with a press conference held at the Paris Paris Observatory today. "100 countries have been given the right to name the observed stars and planets. These are referred to as catalog names at the moment they were observed. We were also given a star and planet that can be easily observed from Ankara at 40 degrees latitude. These are WASP-52 star and WASP-52-B planet. . Naming work, lasted more than three months. names with a meeting at the Paris Observatory will be announced to the whole world. the campaign was broad participation around the world. 360 more than a thousand names suggest all over the world were made. name came close to 300 from Turkey. Browse our star in the Pegasus constellation 'Anatolia', the name of our exoplanet 'Göktürk' was determined. May be good for our country. " said.


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Professor Dr. Küçük also shared the schools that proposed the name 'Anatolia' and 'Göktürk', "For the name of 'Anatolia' Izmir Aziz Erol Guzelcan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Istanbul VKV Koc High School, Istanbul Selimpasa ISE Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Ankara Ephesus Vocational High School suggested. 'Göktürk' name for the proposed schools Nevşehir Yavuz Sultan Selim Han Secondary School, Tekirdağ Fatih Anatolian High School, Muğla Science and Arts Center, Ankara Ahiler Secondary School, Bursa Şehit Piyade Er Rahim Keskin Secondary School " he said.

Small, one of the schools that propose these two names telescope expressed that they want to be a gift.

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