Turkey’s Temperature Record Breaks with 49.1 Degrees in Cizre

The General Directorate of Meteorology announced that Turkey’s temperature record was broken in Cizre, Şırnak. The district, where thermometers show 49.1 degrees Celsius, was the place where the highest temperature was recorded so far in Turkey.

Turkey is going through the hottest days of recent days. The increasing temperatures due to the effect of the summer season have begun to overwhelm the citizens. As such, there are reports that temperature records have been broken from different places. However, Sirnak Cizre In the district, there was a development that exceeded all these records. of thermometers 49.1 degrees Celsius The highest temperature value of Turkey was measured in the district where it was shown.

According to the data of the General Directorate of Meteorology, the highest temperature to date was again measured in Cizre. If the recorded temperature value is It was 49 degrees Celsius. With the latest development, this record has been broken once again. According to the data recorded by the General Directorate of Meteorology The highest temperature in Turkey, now 49.1 degrees Celsius.

High temperatures continue to show up across the country

High temperature

In a statement made two weeks ago by the General Directorate of Meteorology, Turkey’s heat wave He had declared that he would go under. The institution, which issued a warning on the subject, announced that high temperatures would continue until 18:00 on July 21 (today). When we look at the weather data, in the coming days, it will be a little bit. we will cool down looks like. But that cooling probably won’t be enough for most of us.


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While high temperatures are good for some of us, especially when you are outside, it is necessary to pay attention to this situation. Because events such as sunstroke and burns are among the problems that can be experienced frequently in this process. Experts, especially citizens with health problems at noon While they advise that they should not be outside, they say that citizens who go out should also use accessories such as sunglasses and hats.

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