Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Suspend Flights to Iraq and Iran

Increased tension in Iraq and Iran after the US attack also affected Turkish companies. While Turkish Airlines and Pegasus suspended their flights to Iraq and Iran, they decided not to use the airspace of these two countries temporarily.

The Middle East, which has been the focal point of complexity throughout history and has been home to many wars, has unfortunately blood pressure highest lives.

The US attack on Qasim Suleimani, the second most powerful man in Iran, tension between two countries and also increased the tension in the region. After the assassination, the number of attacks in this region increased again. Of course all these naturally also affects Turkey.

Turkish Airlines and Pegasus suspend flights

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The instability and armed conflicts in the region are among the airline companies in our country. Turkish Air ways (THY) and the winged horseIt also affected. Both companies suspended flights to Iraq and Iran, the countries where the tension was at its peak.

Turkish Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, has launched its Iraq and Iran flights. cancelled. The issue of whether the flights will continue will arise as a result of re-evaluation after 24 hours. Within the scope of Turkish Airlines' decision, THY flights using the airspace of Iraq and Iran had to change their routes. THY aircraft, at least temporarily will not use the airspace of these two countries.


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Another airline that made a similar decision to Turkish Airlines was Pegasus Airlines. The company has completed all its Iraq and Iran flights. has decided to stop. Pegasus temporarily canceled its flights for security reasons and decided not to use Iran and Iraqi airspace temporarily.

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