Turkish Software Developer Finding Apple’s Vulnerability Won Two Separate Awards

Software developer Rıza Sabuncu, who had contacted Apple for similar reasons before, found and reported the company’s new security vulnerabilities. A few months later, Apple made a comeback on the subject and gave Sabuncu a reward of 7 thousand 500 dollars for the vulnerabilities it found.

It’s not that easy to find bugs in a software as the developer of that software. People may not be able to look at their own product from the outside enough, and important errors in software can sometimes be revealed by any human being. This is how the apps we use stay safe, and this behavior is not caused by the owner of the app or any software. through reward is reinforced.

You may have heard that those who find and report bugs in Apple’s software are rewarded by the company. This reward can range from $200 to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the error. From the developer team of Trendyol Riza Sabuncu Thanks to the mistakes he realizes, he gets his share of these awards.

He received his second prize of 7 thousand 500 dollars

Riza Soapcu

Software developer Rıza Sabuncu, with whom we had a chat about this subject by connecting via video conference before, received an award of 7 thousand 500 dollars from Apple last year. Receiving this award for reporting the vulnerability to the company, Sabuncu recently again He received another $7,500 prize..


Two Turkish Software Developers Found Two Vulnerabilities of Apple: They Also Accepted the Awards Given

According to Rıza Sabuncu, in his posts on Twitter, he reported the first security flaw he noticed in Apple to the company in January 2020. He received his award about 4 months later. Sabuncu, who took another turn from Apple’s product security department, learned that he received the same award for new security vulnerabilities and announced this on Twitter. Sabuncu received a total of $7,500 in prizes, one of which was $5,000 and the other $2,500. Of course, there were funny comments about the point where the dollar rate reached: