Turks Waiting for Big Yusuf Reached Wuhan Airport

Citizens, who will be evacuated from Wuhan city of China by a private plane called Koca Yusuf, have arrived at Wuhan Airport. The passengers who will be taken from China and brought to the country will be kept under observation for 14 days after reaching the country.

Emerging in China Corona virus After the epidemic, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), as part of a joint operation carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health. 'Big Yusuf' A-400 cargo aircraft converted into an ambulance aircraft; He set off to Wuhan city of China today to get a total of 49 people, 34 of whom are Turkish, 7 are Azeri, 7 are Georgian and 1 is Albanian.

According to the NTV report, passengers who were evacuated from the region due to the Corona virus, were sent by private bus. To Wuhan Airport It reached. Today is the time Taking off at 12.05 Passengers waiting for the plane named "Koca Yusuf" will be taken from China and brought to the country. On the plane sent as part of the evacuation operation; There are 2 infection specialists, 4 infection control nurses and a health team.

Passengers brought to the country will be kept under observation for 14 days:

Big Yusuf plane

The personnel on the evacuation plane departing from Ankara Etimesgut Military Airport, special clothes will wear it. On the other hand, right now at Wuhan Airport waiting passengers wearing masks, their luggage and themselves being checked many times, their fever is measured and all measures are taken The report says. It is also said that these procedures will be repeated at certain intervals.

Speaking about the issue, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca said that the citizens who will be brought to our country not carrying any viruses in any way had expressed. In addition, 49 passengers to be evacuated, in hospitals in Ankara for 14 days to be kept under control is also stated.


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On the plane expected to reach Wuhan city of China at around 2:00 am; there are many masks, disinfectant materials, medical devices and protective clothing. Health checks next Passengers to be taken on board; they will wear special clothes along the way, will not take off their masks and will be checked periodically. If the entrance to the dormitory is completed, the passengers, incubation period of the virus they will be kept under observation for 14 days.

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