TurkStat Submits 2021 Minimum Wage Offer


The third meeting to determine the minimum wage for 2021 was held. At the meeting hosted online, hosted by Türk-İş, the minimum wage determinations of TURKSTAT were explained. According to TURKSTAT, the minimum wage for a single individual should be at most, 2 thousand 792 TL and 10 kuruş.

Citizens who try to live on minimum wage in our country, every December raise rate they start to wonder. In this context, government officials, who come together with the commissions established every year, make a decision with the offers made and the minimum wage amount for the next year is determined. The third of these meetings was held today. Meeting under the Turkey Statistical Institute (TÜİK) Submitted the 2021 minimum wage determinations to the authorities.

According to the proposal given by TURKSTAT, the minimum wage for a single individual is the highest 2 thousand 792 lira 10 kuruş must be. This amount includes people working in the heavy work category. For those working in medium jobs 2 thousand 507 lira 70 kuruş TURKSTAT made the determination of the salary of a single individual working in light jobs in 2021. 2 thousand 339 lira 10 kuruş declares that it can be calculated as.

The final decision will be made at the last meeting next week.

2021 minimum wage bargain

Meeting held today, online Turkish-Business hosted. Being a citizen working with minimum wage as part of the meeting Specific Helperexpressed the problems experienced. In addition, the Türk-İş delegation explained its demands and expectations to the government. At the end of the press meeting, which lasted about 3 hours, the proposal of TURKSTAT was revealed.


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The determinations made by TURKSTAT mean that the minimum wage in 2021 is certain. not coming. The commissions will sit down at another bargaining table next week and make a final decision. To host that meeting Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services will undertake. Well, did the calculations and data made by TURKSTAT satisfy you? Or do you think the minimum wage should be higher? You can share your ideas with us.

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