Turnaround in traffic: Webasto is testing delivery by train to the Neubrandenburg plant

The automotive supplier Webasto wants to produce parking heaters that are less polluting in the future and is therefore testing rail transport to and from Neubrandenburg. As the company announced today, the plant and two particularly important suppliers from southern Germany and the Czech Republic are involved in the project. The Neubrandenburg company with around 800 employees is the Webasto Group’s only parking heater production facility in Europe and has a direct train connection.

A practical test will run until mid-December. Empty transport containers roll from Neubrandenburg to the suppliers, who fill them with the required components and send them back to Neubrandenburg. Rail transport replaces 95 percent of these distances of up to 1,400 kilometers that were previously covered by trucks. Trucks are still needed for five percent because the suppliers have no direct rail links. Half of the carbon dioxide emitted so far can be saved at the same cost. After the test, it should be decided how to proceed. Regular operation is conceivable from mid-2022.

With this approach, Webasto is opposing a trend of shifting more and more freight onto the road. At the beginning of last year, the IHK therefore called for a traffic turnaround.

Webasto, based in Stockdorf near Munich, has eleven plants worldwide, 14,000 employees and is considered the market leader for panoramic and sliding roofs as well as parking heaters.


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