Turns Out Facebook Is Making People Depressed


A study conducted in Singapore revealed that Facebook can lead to depression. According to the research, the feeling of jealousy triggered when using Facebook leads people to make comparisons. This turns into depression after a while.

With the widespread use of smart phones and the internet, it has become an integral part of our lives. social mediacauses us to spend a significant part of our day on such platforms. Of course, one of the first platforms that comes to mind when social media is mentioned is Facebook. It is a very old and very popular platform. FacebookA study on . , on the other hand, reveals that this platform can be harmful to our health.

serving in Singapore Nanyang Technological University A group of scientists working within the body tried to understand whether there could be a link between Facebook and depression. The experts, who carried out a large-scale research with the participation of a large number of people, reached a very striking conclusion. According to research Facebook can make people depressed

People who spend a long time on Facebook are more prone to depression


According to a study by scientists, people who spend hours on Facebook are more prone to depression. This is because Facebook feeling of envy able to trigger to have a structure. Speaking on the subject, Prof. Edson C. Tandoc Jr., while browsing Facebook, compared people who are better off than he is. it happens instinctively it states. And this comparison leads to depression after a while.


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According to the research, criteria such as age, gender or educational status do not matter when it comes to depression due to Facebook. well everyoneCan get depressed while using Facebook. In addition, depression based on Facebook use attracts people to social media more. That person is on both Facebook and other platforms. starting to spend more time. This is a people depression cycle puts it in. Of course, the way out of this situation is to get expert support.

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