Turns Out iPhone Users Aren’t Apple Enthusiasts

A survey was conducted with the participation of 900 people who bought iPhones in the past 1 year in the USA. The study reveals that iPhone buyers do not show the same interest in all Apple products. In particular, smart speakers are Apple’s least popular products.

An organization that provides reviews of products in which consumers are interested in the USA, who purchased an iPhone from June 2020 to June 2021. With the participation of 900 people conducted a survey. This survey study revealed how much interest iPhone owners show in other Apple products. According to the survey, users They are not as interested in Apple’s other products as the iPhone models.

According to the survey, users who bought an iPhone within the specified period of time, after iPhones, are the most iPad’lers they show interest. 79 percent of survey respondents say they also own a tablet. iPhone owners who own a tablet 84 percent prefer iPad. While 90 percent of respondents say they use a laptop or desktop computer, they only 41 percent prefer a Mac.

Apple’s wireless speakers aren’t getting attention


According to the research conducted in the USA, the category that received the least attention among Apple products, wireless speakers. While 45 percent of respondents said they own a wireless or smart speaker, these consumers only 10 percent He chose to buy the Home Pod or the Home Pod mini. However, the opposite is true for smart watches. So that 900 people 65 percent uses a smart watch. These smart watches 75 percent Apple Watch. Interestingly, only about 40 percent of users who have purchased an iPhone in the past year own a wireless headset. If these users as much as 50 percent AirPods prefer.


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When we evaluate the results of the survey; Users who purchased an iPhone between June 2020 and June 2021 iPad and Apple WatchIt shows that he is interested in . But when it comes to computers, wireless headphones and speakers, this is not the case. it is changing. Apple doesn’t seem to be in the position it wants, especially with regards to wireless speakers.

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