TV +: Apple’s streaming service is canceling long free access

The long free phase of Apple’s streaming service TV + is coming to an end: Apple has started to remind free viewers that their subscription will soon be chargeable. A renewed extension of the free streaming period does not seem to be planned.

Many Apple customers have been able to use the streaming service free of charge since it was launched almost two years ago, because the free period originally set for twelve months has been extended twice. For the first free subscribers, the monthly price of 5 euros will probably be debited from August, if no cancellation is made beforehand. The trial subscription automatically turns into a paid subscription.

For new buyers of Apple hardware, the manufacturer is canceling the TV + free phase at the same time: Instead of the previous twelve months, the free subscription for hardware purchases will only extend to three months from the beginning of July, as Apple is now in the small print on the TV product page -Box noted on Apple TV. Buyers of Apple devices should redeem their free subscription by the end of June at the latest if they want to receive the full annual period free of charge.

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Apple has already prepared for the end of the free phase with the Apple One bundle offer, which includes TV + and other group services such as Apple Music and iCloud.

In addition, new content is intended to bind subscribers, for example the release of the second season of draft horses like The Morning Show and Ted Lasso is scheduled for late summer, and complex projects such as the implementation of Asimov’s Foundation cycle are ready for the streaming start in autumn. In contrast to the competition, Apple relies almost exclusively on its own productions, the purchase of films exclusively for its own streaming service and industry giants from Tom Hanks to Martin Scorsese.


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