TV review Samsung GQ65Q90R: QLED stands out (almost) OLED


Picture: Samsung

The GQ65Q90R is one of Samsung's top models of the year; The manufacturer promises a first-class picture quality of the TV. Our test shows, if that is true.

Samsung has equipped the GQ65Q90R with a new processor and a new panel surface, which should firstly reduce the reflections and additionally minimize the viewing angle dependency. The basis of the UHD TV is an in-house LED panel with quantum dot technology, which provides for a better color representation than with conventional LED screens.

This review is part of our theme world around UHD 4K TVs. The following tests and articles have been published so far:

The Samsung GQ65Q90R is a large 65-inch TV that comes with UHD (3840 × 2160 pixels) and with its timeless design fits well into modern living rooms. Housed is the 65-inch model in a zero-frame frame. The panel directly adjoins the case frame, although a black frame around 5 mm wide remains visible in the panel itself. The UHD television stands on a massive metal foot, which carries the 65-inch model very stable – there is no wobbling. Disadvantage: The TV can not turn on the foot.

The core of the UHD TV is an advanced chip of the type Quantum processor 4K, which is to enable a better upscaling of HDTV broadcasts an improved HDR representation. The Samsung GQ65Q90R supports the new standards such as HDR10 + and HLG (for playing TV programs in HDR).

In order to bring the UHD TV closer to perfect black playback, as the OLED TVs offer, Samsung has equipped the GQ65Q90R with a large-format backlight. The total of 480 individual segments are individually controlled. Thus, depending on the image brightness, an almost perfect black level can be achieved – at least, if the picture is not extreme brightness directly next to deep black. The test shows that the UHD television at the black level compared to the 2018 models from Samsung is significantly better, but simply can not get the perfect black, as it offers an OLED TV.

The integrated multi-TV tuner masters all common TV standards including DVB-T2 HD. It is duplicated, so you can watch one show and record a second at the same time.

A special feature of the more expensive Samsung TVs is the external connection box. In it all connections are housed; The connection to the TV only runs on a thin, transparent, about five meters long cable. That has something: The external box can be placed on the shelf (including any Zuspieler such as recorder or UHD Blu-Ray player (comparison test) and the whole cable salad). The TV is then free and tidy in the room – only the thin cable you have to hide.