TV8 Statement from RTÜK Member


RTÜK Member İlhan Taşcı made a statement regarding TV8, which showed illegal betting site advertisements in the Galatasaray-PSV Eindhoven match. Taşçı stated that this attitude of the channel cannot be ignored and that he will take the necessary initiatives on Monday.

Galatasaray, which could not qualify for a direct ticket to the Champions League by completing the league in the 2nd place last year, was the guest of the Dutch team PSV Eindhoven in the first match of the Champions League 2nd Qualifying Round today. The match, which started at 22.00 Turkish time, was broadcast on TV8 screens owned by Acun Ilıcalı without any password, but the disruptions experienced in the broadcast made a big impact, especially on social media.

For those who don’t know, there were constant freezes and hang-ups in the first half of the match, and even the broadcast was completely cut off for a while. During this time when the broadcast was interrupted, the note “Our broadcast will continue soon due to a technical malfunction…” was written on the screen. Although it was said that the glitch was caused by the main publisher based in the Netherlands in the first place, it was understood that the glitch was caused by the virtual advertisements in the statements made afterwards.

Same match, different channel, different ad:


Technology Changed Advertising: Same Match, Different Channel, Different Advertisement[Video]

According to the statement made on TV8 screens at the beginning of the second half, the freezing and stuttering problems in the match were actually caused by virtual ads that were not actually there. In other words, an advertisement was displayed on the billboards on the side of the stadium where the match was played, but a virtual advertisement was applied on top of this advertisement in our country.

In fact, we see this practice in many different sports competitions. With the developing technology, there is no problem in showing ads localized by country, but the type of ads shown on TV8 changes the situation a bit. Because these advertisements on the boards included the promotion of illegal and illegal betting sites in our country.

Statement from RTÜK member about TV8 showing illegal betting site:


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RTÜK member İlhan Taşcı, who made a statement on the subject on his Twitter account, used the following statements:

“This attitude of TV8, which advertised illegal betting sites from the pilot camera in the #PSVvGS match, cannot be ignored.

I will take the necessary initiatives on Monday for RTÜK to do its duty.”