Twitter allows simple retweets again, Facebook is adapting the US news feed


Twitter and Facebook have begun to roll back changes to their platforms with which they wanted to prevent conflicts on the occasion of the US presidential election. Twitter users now have the option to retweet a tweet directly or to add their own comments as a quote. Facebook, in turn, is withdrawing adjustments to its algorithms that preferred reliable news sources to particularly partisan media in the context of the US elections.

According to its own information, Twitter wanted to use the preset quote function to promote a “more well thought-out reinforcement”: If users were asked to comment on a retweet, they might think about it again. The desired goal has probably not been achieved explains the US company now. Although more of the quoted tweets were counted, in most cases only a single word confirmation was added. 70 percent of all these tweets consisted of fewer than 25 characters. At the same time, a total of 20 percent fewer tweets were counted. However, Twitter wants to continue working to ensure that content is shared more consciously.

In turn, weeks after the US election, Facebook reacted to the viral spread of allegations of election fraud with a change to the algorithm, as the New York Times reported. According to this, the network had given an internal assessment of the trustworthiness of news sources more weight and thus preferred traditional media to “hyper-partisan” sites. The change led to more traffic to pages from CNN or the New York Times, it says there now. Some Facebook employees asked internally whether this “nicer newsfeed” could not stay. The change was only temporary and has now been reversed. In addition, the group lifted the ban on election advertising in relation to the upcoming runoff election in the US state of Georgia, reports Reuters.


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