Twitter gets a newsletter function | heise online

The newsletter service Revue announced via tweet that Twitter readers and followers can now also subscribe to newsletters via Twitter profiles. If an email address is stored in the Twitter account of the person interested in the newsletter, a single click is sufficient.

The new offer had been tested since August. It is now available to all Twitter writers and readers, but initially only when accessed from the desktop and with a browser. The new function will soon follow for Android and iOS.

The trademark of Twitter, the restriction to 280 characters per message, is unsuitable for the typical content of a newsletter. If you want to offer your readers on Twitter a subscription to a journalistic newsletter in addition to short tweets, you have to activate the new function in your Revue account. This adds a subscribe button to his Twitter profile.

Readers and followers who subscribe to a Revue newsletter via a Twitter profile sign up for a free subscription. If the sender offers a paid newsletter, “the subscriber can choose to upgrade to Revue by providing payment information at this point,” says the Twitter Help Center.

At the beginning of 2021, Twitter took over the Dutch company Revue, which operates the newsletter service of the same name. In a blog post at the time, Twitter announced that Twitter authors could better network with their audience with the help of newsletters.

Revue changed its prices in the course of the takeover: Since then, it has been free of charge to publish a newsletter and since then Revue has only withheld 5 percent of the fees for paid newsletters.

In general, journalistic newsletters have been very popular again for some time. This means of communication, regarded for a long time as antiquated and no longer up-to-date, is again being used intensively by established media brands to reach readers – the New York Times is a prominent example.


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