Twitter Improves Video Quality

In an announcement from his Twitter official account with the note of ‘some good news’, he announced that videos uploaded to Twitter will now appear less pixelated and of higher quality.

Twitter, which has been constantly improving itself since its establishment in 2006 and is one of the most important platforms of social media, to update and improve continues. Recently, we announced improvements such as the communities feature, the fix of problems with the order of tweets in the stream, the hashtag feature in the Space section, and to fix them. update He said he would publish it.

With a video that Twitter shared from its official account the other day, video quality issue He stated that he will fix it and that they are working on updates on this issue. Twitter, which has not provided a good experience for users for a long time, aims to satisfy its users by eliminating the problem of poor quality in videos.

Some not-so-good news, but very good news:


your Twitter ‘some good news’ In the statement he shared with the note, it was stated that the updates were made, “Starting today, videos you upload to Twitter for a better viewing experience less pixelated will appear.” was stated. While the promised experience excites Twitter users, it is certainly hopeful to see efforts being made in this regard.


Twitter Encourages Users to Create Content with Spaces

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong took to Twitter to test out the improvements in a video. uploaded. Although the video looks better, it cannot be said that the improvements are fully understood. After Wong posted this video, it was stated that the announced improvements are still not supported in Twitter Media Studio. Jane Manchun Wong, known for announcing the features that Twitter is developing, revealed that Twitter is working on a new update that will allow video speed adjustment.

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