Twitter Tests A New ‘Instagram-Like’ Design

Twitter has started testing a new design in the iOS ecosystem. This design brings visual content to the fore and transforms the platform into Instagram. It is currently unknown when the new design will be available to all users.

The world’s most popular microblogging platform TwitterLooks like it will finally renew its design, which it hasn’t touched for years. According to the statements made from the official account named Twitter Support, the developers, to the visual They want to pay more attention. Studies in this context, Twitter Looks like Instagram looks.

Twitter uses the phrase “edge to edge” for its new design. “end to endThis expression, which we can translate as “, also fully reflects the new design language of the company. So much so that users will now see photos and videos on the platform directly in full screen. As the screen scrolls Descriptions and user names about the shares will be revealed.

This is what Twitter’s new design looks like

Twitter over the years still adopted a design language. But frankly, this design from years ago was not that modern anymore. When we look at the comments made on Twitter’s share, a large part of the users prefer the standard design. they are bored however, we see that they cannot adopt the new design language as soon as they see it.


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Twitter’s new design, which brings visuality to the fore, is currently Testing on iOS ecosystem. The design, which is thought to be tested in the Android ecosystem in the near future, will be presented to all users around the world after the tests. However, at this point there is a clear date information Not shared for now.

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