Twitter to Warn Users of Fierce Discussions


Twitter announced an interesting but useful feature in a statement on its official account. According to the statement, users who want to be involved in tense and heated conversations will be reminded to be respectful and open-minded.

In recent years, someone who has taken on the duty of a sword of justice in our country, right or wrong, is definitely lynched every day, and it almost takes the pulse of the country’s agenda. Twittermany useful as well as to polarization also opens the door. Thinkers like Aristotle, Machiavelli, Rousseau, if he lived today, would convey all his ideas on Twitter instead of writing a book, and on top of that, lynch they ate. Please quit your job now and read our news about the new feature that Twitter is trying.

Although Twitter is generally used to follow the agenda or to get opinions about the current agenda, unfortunately, many to heated debate It can also be a scene. We can witness how even people who are positively sure of their tone and behavior in normal life are enraged on Twitter. Twitter management will also be disturbed by this that it will be necessary for tweets with heated debates. a new alert systembrings me.

Communication with respect


Twitter provides users with tense and heated conversations. on the alert will be found. According to this new feature, which is still in the testing phase, the social media application will make various reminders to the user. At the bottom of the conversations that were found to be objectionable, heated and intense, ‘Caution‘ warning will be placed. A text that appears on the screen will also express the possibility that the analyzed tweets may actually be objectionable for users. The new feature, which is available to Android and iOS users, has not yet in the trial phase exists.


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In addition to these warnings, Twitter also gives users a warning before entering the communicate respectfully‘ will remind you that you made the platform a better place. Making a statement on the subject, Twitter said, “Would you like to know the mood before joining a conversation? We’re testing systems on Android and iOS that will let you know if the conversation you’re about to enter is getting heated or tense.” he stated.