Two Different Types of Coronavirus Detected in One Patient


In Brazil, one of the countries with the harshest coronavirus, patients infected simultaneously from two different coronavirus sequences were discovered. This caused experts to worry about the situation of the virus in Brazil.

Causing death of more than 2.2 million people worldwide coronavirus the epidemic has not been suppressed yet. Moreover, researchers in Brazil began to discover patients who were simultaneously infected with the two coronavirus strains. This has raised concerns about the growing coronavirus variants in the country.

The researchers, who published their research on the medRxiv site, stated that two types of coronavirus with common infections were approved for the first time in the world. However, this research has not yet been published in a scientific journal and It has not been reviewed by other experts either.

Patients with two coronavirus variants simultaneously

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According to the news in Reuters, both patients in their 30s were infected with the P2 variant of the coronavirus known as B.1.1.28 in November. At the same time, the virus tested positive for the second variant. Symptoms manifested as a dry cough in one patient and a sore throat and headache in the other. Neither patient was hospitalized.

While these events caused the concern of how many variants there are in Brazil common in the same body It also caused fears that the two coronavirus strains could precipitate new variant mutations.

The antivirus scientist Fernando Spilki said that these common infections could create new variants and combinations faster than they are currently. Spilki also stated that this could be a new evolutionary path for the virus. New variants, currently developed resistance to vaccines There is also a possibility such as.


The Number of Coronavirus Cases Worldwide Exceeds 100 Million

The mutation found in Brazil also makes the virus even more contagious, just like the one found in England. Spilki, also for common infection different high-quality viruses He also stated that it happened with the transfer.

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