Two New Patents for PSVR Appeared

Two patents for the PSVR console for Sony’s next-generation console PS5 have emerged. One of these patents is the smaller version of the standard PSVR, while the other looks more like a pair of sunglasses.

Sony’s new game console that has excited gamers in recent days PS5 was put up for sale. The company, which currently sells the new console, is devoted to producing these consoles, but will also release peripherals for the new console in the coming days. Perhaps the most curious among these peripherals PSVR it will be. A new model is expected to come out in the upcoming period for the PSVR glasses that are released for PS4 and take the players into the game.

Finally, a new generation of PSVR glasses to be sold with PlayStation 5 consoles. patent appeared. Having struggled to meet the demand for PS5 all over the world, Sony, after having enough PS5s in the market and after the stock problem has disappeared to virtual reality glasses it looks like it will also care.

The new PSVR could look more like sunglasses


The new generation PSVR glasses that appeared in Let’s Go Digital VR it seems to bring a new design concept to its title. The patent brings us together two possible designs for the new VR glasses. The first of these comes with a similar overall design, albeit much thinner than the PSVR available on the market today. The second design is much thinner than the previous model, and when we look at its appearance, it is not a virtual reality glasses. sunglasses resembles. These designs, like the “VR and AR glasses” option, are bulky structure also seems to alleviate significantly.

Sony, however, will detect if the new virtual reality glasses are worn incorrectly.r sensor filed a patent application for the system.


Patent not yet verified

On the other hand, let’s say that the patents for Sony’s new PSVR glasses are not confirmed. A letter from Sony regarding these patentsthat you didn’t come out Considering that these patent designs are highly likely to be fake. However, Sony has been hinting that a VR headset will be coming for the PS5 for some time. When the powerful hardware of the PS5 is combined with the PSVR technology, we encounter a very impressive it is extremely possible for a product to come out.


Patent Showing Sony’s Advanced PSVR Controller Concept

So what do you guys expect from the new PSVR? What kind of breakthroughs will the virtual reality glasses for PS5 make in terms of technology? You can share with us in the comments section.