Two Physicists Believe That They Have Solved the Time Travel Paradox

Germain Tobar, a physicist at the University of Queensland, and his assistant Dr. Fabio Costa believes he has solved the time travel paradox. According to new research by physicists, time travel can be made without any paradox.

First put forward in the 1940s ‘Grandfather The paradox ‘is seen as one of the biggest obstacles to time travel. According to this paradox, you have a time machine and using it to go to the past that you killed your grandfather imagine. In such a case, you would probably have prevented your father and ultimately yourself from being born.

If you have never been born, you have not traveled in time and your grandfather is also you didn’t kill. In this case, your grandfather would continue to live and cause you to be born. The paradox starts right here, things barren to loop it is entering. But two physicists believe they have found an answer to the biggest obstacle to time travel.

Space-time is self-correcting to avoid paradoxes:

A physicist at the University of Queensland in Australia Germain Tobar and vice Dr. Fabio costathey believe they have found an answer to the time travel paradox. Tobar, who made some calculations, used essentially the spacetime continuum to avoid potential paradoxes. self-correcting told.

Speaking about the results, Tobar said, “Einstein’s general relativity theory ofpredicts the existence of time loops or time travel – the ability of an event itself to be both in the past and in the future – theoretically completely reversing its dynamic work. “ says.

Stating that the current scientific data said that both theories could not be correct, Tobar stated that both traditional dynamics and Einstein’s Relativity Theory of He thinks that a unified theory that can be reconciled is the holy grail of physics.

Coronavirus example:

Available coronavirus outbreak showing the example, Dr. Fabio Costa, “Let’s say you traveled in time to prevent patient zero from being exposed to COVID-19. But if you prevent that person from becoming infected, this is to go back in time and end the pandemic before it begins. required motivation in the middle removessaid.

Continuing his explanations, the physicist, as a solution to this situation, to adapt to the new situation is showing. Tobar explains this situation with the following words:

“In the coronavirus patient zero example, you can try to prevent the first patient from becoming infected, but in doing so, patient zero you can be or someone else. Whatever you do, remarkable events just recalibrate around you. This is – whatever your actions are – outbreak will happen means and gives you the motivation to come back to your young self and stop it.

Try to create a paradox; events, to avoid any inconsistencies, will correct themselves. The mathematical processes we have discovered show that free-will time travel is logically possible in our universe without any paradox. ”


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In other words, the new proposition put forward by the physicists is that even though you go back to the past and changed events, the resulting results do not prevent you from being and making this journey. out of paradox that you will avoid says. In other words, what the calculations show is that space-time can potentially adapt itself to new conditions to avoid paradoxes.

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