Two YouTubers Scammed By Taxi Driver [Video]

YouTube channel TheBoss conducted a social experiment that reveals the latest point reached by the yellow taxi problem in Istanbul. The phenomenon, who got into a taxi and got scammed disguised as Arab tourists, could not even believe what they were experiencing.

Especially in Istanbul, a solution that can not be produced in any way. yellow taxi problem What happened is known to everyone. It is not possible to go anywhere without getting scammed in the city, where it is already very difficult to find a yellow taxi. Some drivers, who betray their profession, discriminate among passengers, and especially opportunistically over tourists. infuriated.

Known for their prank and social experiment videos on YouTube TheBoss The content producers of the channel decided to examine the attitudes of taxi drivers towards foreign tourists. Dressed as Arab tourists and got into 2 different taxis Mert Karakas and Burak Tutal Phenomena named were shocked by what they experienced. Because the two taxi drivers they get on are famous YouTubers. had defrauded

He asked for 20 dollars for a 20 TL taximeter (he gave 41 cents as a gift)

yellow taxi social experiment

TheBoss wanted to go from Bostancı to Bağdat Caddesi in the first taxi he took. After circulating YouTubers for a while, the taxi driver downloaded it in a place he said was close to Bağdat Street. on the taximeter amount of 20.41 TL The taxi driver, who tricked fake tourists as dollars, said that 41 kuruş was a gift from him. Since it’s a social experiment informed not even The taxi driver claimed that he was doing his customers a favor with this little gift.


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YouTubers wanted to go to Bostancı again in the second taxi they took. Although everything is normal so far, the taxi driver, did not turn on the taximeter and claimed that there was a fixed price tariff. The taxi driver, who specifically stated that he received Arab tourists while giving information to the stop, and that they did not know Turkish, said that he received from YouTubers. 200 TLHe left without giving his cover.

As TheBoss producers say, it is not easy to put everyone in a profession in the same category. true not. However, the events reveal that the yellow taxi problem in Istanbul continues at full speed, and that some drivers act against their work ethics. How to solve the problems experienced nobody knows

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