UFO Disclosure from Former US Naval Pilot

The former US naval pilot made some statements after the UFO images published by the Pentagon in the past weeks caused great repercussions. The pilot said the UFOs featured in the Pentagon’s published footage are a serious security issue.

The Pentagon has made a remarkable statement in recent weeks and the UFO images that kept the agenda busy for a long time confirmed that he was registered by the navy. While there is no convincing information about these images yet, former US Navy Pilot Ryan Graves made important statements on the subject.

In addition to the files directly shared by the Pentagon, with the images leaked by the media, the UFO agenda has been going through quite busy days lately. Everyone agrees on the existence of these unidentified flying objects, but when it comes to ‘what they are’, one common conclusion is reached; nobody knows exactly or they do not disclose what they allegedly know. Graves, on the other hand, does whatever is in the images. they are a major security issue it states.

‘We easily deny the fact that they watch us every day’:

Pentagon UFO images

Former navy pilot who was a guest on a CBS program called 60 Minutes.‘I’m pretty worried. If what we saw there tactical jets of another country that would be a big problem. They looked quite different and we are not looking at the root of the problem. That they are there and the fact that they watch us every day we reject easilyHe said that the Pentagon should make convincing statements about the situation he expressed in his words.

Saying that he has various ideas about what the UFOs in the images might be, Graves said that these UFOs can reach high altitudes and have return mechanisms. From a secret technology developed by the USA He said it could be anything from an enemy tracking system. According to Graves, the UFOs in the images are so strange, There may even be something we never think of.


Pentagon To Examine What The US Army Is Doing Against UFOs

Luis Elizondo, who is in the Pentagon’s Advanced Aviation and Space Threat Identification Program, made some statements to the New York Post on the subject. Elizondo said in a statement “Can handle 600-700 G force Think of a technology. Can speed 13 thousand miles per hour and it can avoid radars. Doesn’t show any trace of propulsionHe emphasized the details that make the UFOs in the images interesting with his words.

In an earlier statement about the images posted on Elizon, ”There is something in our sky. We don’t know what it is, we don’t know how it works, we don’t know what it can do. Who is using it or what its intention is we also do not know. There is not a single thing we know of. No matter what the government knows” and stated that he expected an answer from the government.

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