Ukraine Doxxing: Trump's cybersecurity adviser still does not understand Twitter


Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is not only Donald Trump's personal legal advisor, but also his cybersecurity adviser since 2017 – and he has now demonstrated once again that he has some problems with the Cyber ​​Rules of the Game: Giuliani posted a screenshot on Twitter with a textual conversation between him and the Ukrainian presidential aide, Andrej Yermak, whose phone number was to be seen. Twitter then locked out Giuliani for a short time.

The Internet is full of hot IT news and stale Pr0n. In between there are always pearls too bad for / dev / null.

Giuliani seems to have a penchant for posting on the social media platform some lengthy debates with others in the form of screenshots with textual content. In the case of Yermak, he probably had not paid any attention to making his phone number unrecognizable. Twitter therefore intervened because the rules Clearly violated the publication of private information and Yermak had obviously not agreed to the publication of his phone number.

Opposite the magazine The Verge confirmed a Twitter spokesman the process. Giuliani's tweet with the screenshot and the phone number violated the rules, which is why they blocked the user first. Publishing private information is also referred to as 'Doxxing' – in a particularly spectacular case in December 2018, masses of politicians published data in a Twitter 'Advent Calendar' in Germany.

Currently drumming Giuliani, among other things, on Twitter tirelessly for the US President, who faces in the wake of the so-called Ukraine affair of possible foreign electoral influence in the meantime with an investigation into an impeachment inquiry (Impeachment Inquiry). Trump called on Ukrainian President Selensky to call for an investigation into Trump's Democratic presidential rival Biden and his son.

Ukraine Doxxing: Trump's cybersecurity adviser still does not understand Twitter

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Norbert Lammert does not think much of debates in the social media. Instead of reacting emotionally and typing immediately, the discussants should first think.

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In December last year, Giuliani already attracted a lot of Internet ridicule, as he sat in a tweet several times after the point at the end of the sentence no space, from which Twitter in one case, a link to a (initially non-existent) domain fabricated: "… for G-20.In July … "became a hyperlink under India's top-level domain (.in). An Internet user, however, switched quickly, secured the domain and mocked Donald Trump there. The Posse fueled considerable doubts about Giuliani's Internet expertise, which had already cropped up when he was appointed Trump's Cybersecurity Advisor in early 2017.


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