UMTS: 3G shutdown no topic for the federal government

The Federal Government sees no need for action to protect mobile users with favorable contracts that can not use LTE. 3G radio systems are currently increasingly being shut down by network operators. "The government is unaware of how many transmitters are used in these frequency bands", writes the responsible Federal Ministry of Transport. The authority of Andreas Scheuer (CSU) assumes that users switch to contracts with LTE. That corresponds "the changed customer requirements"explained the ministry.

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But these contracts cost sometimes 20 euros more a month, criticize the Greens. "Mr. Scheuer seems to be completely indifferent to the fact that for people on low incomes the use of mobile phones is significantly more expensive"said Green parliamentarian Oliver Krischer.

In their network test in 2018, the computer Bild reported that users of Deutsche Telekom with 3G in the country to 56.7 percent could not build a stable data connection. In the cities, however, coverage with 3G is still relatively widespread.

"Although introduced about 8 years ago, 60 to 70 percent of German mobile subscribers still do not have an LTE connection, which is why much of the radio-hole complaints come from them".said Rickmann von Platen, Board Member for Partner Relations (CCO) at Freenet, in January 2019.

According to measurements by Opensignal, Germany's 4G users also spend a quarter of their time on 3G and 2G connections. Users of a 4G-enabled device with data plan had a 4G connection in urban areas in 82.2 percent of the time in the first quarter of 2019. In rural areas, the rate fell to 73.5 percent.