UN Secretary-General Criticizes World Countries Strongly


UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made significant criticisms at the UN 76th General Assembly Meetings, attended by more than 100 heads of state and government. Guterres touched upon many issues, from the economic imbalance in the world to the supply problems of COVID-19 vaccines.

The 76th UN General Assembly Discussions were held on 21 September 2021 with the participation of more than 100 heads of state and government. General Secretary Antonio Guterres; people, including governments and the UN, in the face of inequalities. losing trust in institutions expressed in harsh words.

Guterres said in his speech “I’m here to ring the alarm bells. The world needs to wake up. We are on the edge of the abyss Guterres, who started his speech with the warning, “Our world has never been so threatened.” he said.

‘More than 90 percent of Africans are waiting for their first dose’

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to his speech”In some parts of the world, we see expired, unused COVID-19 vaccines in the garbage. Vaccine abundance in some countries, empty shelves in others. The majority of rich countries have been vaccinated. More than 90 percent of Africans are still waiting for their first doseGuterres continued with his words; From the COVID-19 epidemic to the climate crisis, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Yemen and other from crises in countries to human rights violations.He touched upon many issues, from attacks on science to inequalities in vaccine distribution.

Billionaires go to space for their pleasure while millions are hungry:

Guterres said the vaccine was available in record time, but because of inequalities in distribution, the world “morally and ethically unsuccessfulHe also drew attention to the fact that people have lost their trust in governments and institutions, including the UN, in the face of inequalities and “Billionaires go to space for pleasure while millions go hungry” he commented.


Delighting Statement by BioNTech on the Protection of Children with the COVID-19 Vaccine

Guterres stated that lost trust needs to be rebuilt, while “We need to ensure that the United Nations adapts to the new age.Guterres stated that peace and security should be established by resolving the crisis in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Syria, Libya and Yemen, as well as the deadlocks in Israel and Palestine, “Geopolitical divisions undermine international cooperation and restricts the Security Council’s capacity to make the necessary decisions.” said.

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