Undergraduate Application Notice from RTÜK to Deezer and Tidal


After Spotify, Radio and Television Supreme Council also warned license applications for Deezer and Tidal. In the statement made, it was stated that a license application should be made within 72 hours and a 3-month broadcast license fee should be paid in advance.

Spotify, one of the largest online music listening platforms in the world, From the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) License application in order to continue to broadcast in Turkey had received no warning that they should.

Swedish-based Spotify also officially applied for a license to RTÜK within 72 hours. RTÜK member İlhan Taşçı said in a statement on Twitter that Spotify has reached the end of the 72-hour period. 4 hours before He announced that he made his application. A similar situation is happening for Deezer and Tidal.

RTÜK’s warning to Deezer and Tidal


RTÜK, just having millions of users across the world such as Spotify and which can also be used in Turkey Deezer and Tidal He also stated that he gave 72 hours to his services for license applications. Both platforms also localized Turkey’s prices.

In the statement made by the supreme board, Deezer and Tidal platforms apply within 72 hours and Broadcast license fee corresponding to 3 months It was stated that they could continue their broadcasts if they paid in cash.

In the statement made, what to do if the requirements are not met was explained as follows:


Spotify Denies Podcast Subscription You Need To Pay Extra Fee

“If the specified websites do not submit the letter of undertaking together with the petition containing the application request and do not pay the broadcast license fee in advance, which corresponds to three months, or they do not terminate their broadcasting services within seventy-two hours following this announcement, the Supreme Council will make peace in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 29 / A of the Law No. 6112. that the criminal judge will be requested to block access to the publication in question and also, in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 33 of the same Law, to file a criminal complaint be warned. “

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