United Internet: Fourth mobile operator is to be called “1 & 1 AG”

Before entering the market as the fourth network operator, United Internet plans to rename its mobile communications subsidiary. The company announced on Thursday that 1 & 1 Drillisch AG should operate under the name “1 & 1 AG” in the future. The proposal by the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board will be put to the vote at the Annual General Meeting on May 26, 2021.

This would mean that the name Drillisch would disappear from the market. The company founded by Hans Jochen Drillisch first appeared on the mobile communications market in the mid-1980s with the sale of C-network car telephones. In the 1990s, Drillisch made a name for itself as a mobile phone provider on the Mannesmann D2 network. In 1998 Drillisch AG went public.

Ralph Dommermuth, CEO and founder of United Internet, showed a strategic interest in the mobile phone provider early on. In 2007 United joined Drillisch with a stake of almost ten percent. In 2017, United Internet took over the majority of Drillisch AG and merged it with the fixed line subsidiary 1 & 1 Telecommunication to form 1 & 1 Drillisch AG. United now holds a good 75 percent of the shares.

“The merger of 1 & 1 and Drillisch was an important strategic decision through which we have significantly strengthened our market position,” explained Dommermuth. “With 1 & 1, we have one of the strongest brands in the German telecommunications and internet market, which enjoys a high degree of awareness and trust. With a clear image, we want to use this brand strength efficiently on the capital market in the future.”

1 & 1 has big plans in the mobile communications sector: The company acquired spectrum at the auction of 5G frequencies in 2019 and wants to set up its own network. It should start in the big cities, and coverage is also provided thanks to a roaming agreement with Telefónica Deutschland.


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