Until Wednesday: Get a 50 percent discount on all video courses at the heise Academy


From July 12th through July 21st, interested developers, admins and security professionals can get a hefty discount to the video courses offered by the heise Academy to back up. The prices of the 14 top-class video courses held by the IT experts have all been reduced by 50 percent. Overall, these are over 94 hours of practical online coursesthat convey important topics such as container orchestration with Kubernetes, natural language processing or serverless computing with AWS in a playful way with great practical relevance.

  • Natural Language Processing mit Python (inkl. Jupyter Notebooks)
  • Azure Active Directory in a hybrid context
  • Continuous Delivery from A to Z – the course for software developers
  • Programming serverless in AWS with Node.js, Python and Go
  • Service meshes in practice – using Linkerd as an example
  • Software design and design patterns with modern C ++
  • Data visualization with Python (including Jupyter Notebooks)
  • Container orchestration made easy with Kubernetes
  • The JavaScript course for software developers
  • Sinking ships with T-SQL: The query language in practice
  • Web application security: make web applications secure
  • NoSQL mit MongoDB
  • The C ++ 20 course – concepts, ranges, modules and coroutines
  • Information security and data protection in the company

The heise Academy’s portfolio is aimed at IT professionals. The IT specialists who carry out the work can look back on many years of practical experience and convey the content in their courses in a practical and targeted manner. Every step is explained so that the learners can complete the course with sound knowledge at the end. The video-based online courses contain exercises, knowledge tests, transcripts and other study materials to support learners. They are broken down into small lessons that are particularly good for learning at your own pace. Anyone who wants to be kept up to date about offers from the heise Academy can register for the newsletter.


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