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A number of devices actually still work, but they have missed some development steps: Network devices with security gaps that have not been eliminated, printers for which drivers no longer exist or have never existed. And there are also AV receivers that offer very good sound quality, but have no connection to streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer or are supposed to stream via Apple. Peter Siering and his Systems and Security department dealt with some problem solutions that breathe new life into old devices with a Raspberry Pi.

Some programming know-how is required, and Mirko Dölle and Niklas Dierking report how they use the Raspi on new projects to avoid shooting at sparrows with cannons. Where do you get the necessary parts, how do you know whether there are already suitable programming approaches that you may just have to develop a little further.

Also present: Peter Siering, Mirko Dölle, Niklas Dierking and Michael Link.

The c’t 17/2021 is available at the kiosk, in Browser and in the c’t app for iOS and Android.

Article about the shipment:

Upcycling mit dem Raspi (c’t 17/2021, S. 16)

By the way: our new one YouTube-Channel c’t 3003 is now available for subscription; For the current episode, Jan-Keno Janssen unearthed a few interesting keyboard shortcuts for Windows computers.

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