Update for Messenger Signal: New functions, new design options

The messenger signal, which has recently been in greater demand than before, is getting an update with new design options and functions. Users can now choose separate backgrounds for individual conversations or set a background for all conversations. Signal now supports animated stickers and includes the first official collection of animated stickers: “Day by Day” by Miguel Ángel Camprubí. Users can also create their own APNG sticker collections on the desktop version of Signal and share them in multiple conversations.

Users can add a small text to their profile picture and name. You can tap other users’ profile pictures to see a larger version of the picture.

There are new setting options for calls to reduce data consumption. You can pause the download of attachments during a call. The signal makers have also said they have improved the image compression and quality.

The preview of conversation lists now shows the sender name in group conversations. Signal conversations can now be shown as suggestions when shared by other apps.

The encrypting, donation-financed open source messenger Signal, like Threema, gained enormous popularity after Facebook’s competitor Whatsapp announced data protection changes. Signal’s registration system was overloaded, and the Signal servers were still struggling with the new load ten days later.


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