Updated Iphone Deals In Turkey!

Updated Iphone Deals In Turkey!

iPhone Turkey prices are very strange. Apple iPhone finally updating the website Xs, Xs Max iPhone and iPhone models XR Turkey has announced its price. Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr  and iPhone Xs Max is a price models while Turkey was being curious. Although the operators listed prices slowly, the prices of the models in the official site were not announced. As of November 30, Apple updated its site and announced how much the models would be sold.First, consider that 1 USD is equals 5.~ TL.

Let’s start with the flagship models of the series. iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs are available in three colors: Silver, Space Gray and Gold. iPhone Xs is available from 9.899 TL ($1867). Apple sells 64 GB at this price, 256 GB 11.199 TL ($2113), 512 GB is sold for  13.099 ($2471)TL. For Xs Max, the price is increasing. 64 GB  10.799 TL to be taken out of the model will need to lose 256 GB 12.099 TL, 512 GB 13.999 TL is sold.

Introduced at a more affordable price, the 6.1-inch iPhone XR offers users a choice of six colors: White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral and (PRODUCT) RED. The price of the 64 GB version is 7.399 TL. 128 GB version of the device to be sold for 7,799 TL to get the 256-GB model of the 8.699 TL is necessary to disregard. Unfortunately, it is not possible to say that the budget-friendly model is very budget-friendly. But Xs and Xs Max can attract those who want to buy a new iPhone compared to the prices.

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