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In many cases, the home office is not set up for permanent work – not to mention the kitchen table or living room couch. And even those who have a decent desk can increase their work in the home office with the right equipment and a few tricks. This is also shown by the tests in the current c’t.

C’t editor Jörg Wirtgen explains how you can sound and hear well in video conferences. Microphone or headset don’t have to cost a lot. But you have to decide what is particularly important to you: freedom from cables, a precise microphone or good sound for music. The hardware that c’t editor Ulrike Kuhlmann examined is less filigree: table attachments. You can also work on them while standing without an elevating desk. And colleague Benjamin Kraft presents modern 4K displays with USB-C connection and built-in docking station. An additional monitor arm ensures order and even more space on the desk.

Moderator Keywan Tonekaboni discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the different gadgets with the colleagues. The four also talk about their personal experiences and the tricks they use to counter the home office blues.

Also there: Benjamin Kraft, Ulrike Kuhlmann, Jörg Wirtgen and Keywan Tonekaboni

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