US Blacklists 27 Companies, Including 12 Chinese Companies

The United States (US) Department of Commerce has blacklisted 27 companies, 12 of which are from China, due to national security and foreign policy hesitations.

Among the developed and largest countries of the world United States and China The global competition between them has been going on for many years. China, which wants to get ahead of the USA by establishing an authority in the international arena, and the USA, which does not want to give an opportunity to this, have military, space, technology, etc., including diplomatic relations. confronted on many issues.

China, which wants to establish an area of ​​economic dominance around the world with its international companies, as the USA does, is trying to achieve this goal, especially in the field of technology. The USA, which does not want to allow China and other countries with similar aims, is implementing various policies. Lastly, the USA 12 of them are from China 27 people and companies due to national security and foreign policy hesitations, including blacklisted took.

They were accused of trying to steal US products

China and USA

The US Department of Commerce states that some of the companies that have been blacklisted and restricted commercially are part of the Chinese military. quantum computing program It added 27 companies from China, Japan, Pakistan and Singapore to its blacklist. Eight new technology companies were accused of trying to seize and steal some US-made products.


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USA, 16 of the said companies and individuals are also Pakistan’s nuclear or ballistic missile program He stated that he was added to the black list because of their involvement. U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said the Department of Commerce is determined to use export controls for the national security of the United States, “The decisions we take today will help prevent the diversion of American technologies into Chinese and Russian military development and non-proliferation activities such as Pakistan’s unprotected nuclear activities or ballistic missile program.‘ he evaluated.

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