US gaming industry fights back: video games are not responsible for violence


After the US bloodshed over the weekend, a video game company representation has rejected a link between the games and acts of violence. In many countries where video games are just as popular, there is no such tragically high level of violence as in the US, said the US Association for entertainment software on Monday. Video games have a positive effect on society, for example as an educational tool and to bring families and friends together, it said.

Shortly before, US President Donald Trump, in his response to the weekend's events, warned that the US needed to "stop the glorification of violence," even in widespread and "cruel" video games. Again and again there is criticism that so-called shooting games could reduce the violence threshold of players. Prior to Trump, other Republicans had already established a link between the weekend attacks and video games.

On Saturday, a 21-year-old white man opened fire in a mall in El Paso, Texas. He killed 22 people. The alleged perpetrator had previously announced the attack in the online forum 8chan and turned to the police.

The investigators assume a racist plot background. 8chan is offline since Sunday. A few hours after the attack in Texas, a 24-year-old opened fire in Dayton, Ohio, in front of a bar. He killed nine people within seconds before being shot dead by the police.


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