US Space Force: US space force presents doctrine of principle


Military supremacy in space – that is the goal of the US Space Force (USSF) founded in 2019. The US space force has now published a doctrine. This is intended to define the basis for the Space Force.

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Writing a doctrine is one of the principles of an independent force, said General Jay Raymond, Head of Space Operations for the USSF. The 65 page doctrine entitled Spacepower explain “Why space power is an essential element of the prosperity and security of the United States – now and in the future – and guides its use in operations in several areas.”

Spacepower defines the ethos and values ​​of the new branch of arms

But space power is only a basis. “As the USSF continues to grow and mature, we will continue to develop our doctrine to stay at the forefront in defending our interests in space”said Raymond. The font describes, among other things, the development and use of space forces, it is intended to define the ethos and values ​​of the new branch of arms. Finally, it deals with the relationships between national and military space activities.

The USSF is the first new branch of service since the establishment of the US Air Force in 1947, which also includes the USSF. US President Donald Trump announced the establishment of the USSF in 2018, and it has been officially in existence since December 2019. It also aroused displeasure, because the logo looks very similar to that of Starfleet from the Star Trek film series.

The establishment of the space unit is necessary in response to “that our adversaries have turned space into a theater of war”According to a press release from the USSF. Just recently, the US and UK accused Russia of testing a space weapon.

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