US to Count Nuclear Energy as Clean Energy


As the climate regulations of the new US President Joe Biden continue to be eagerly awaited, an interesting statement came from the White House today. Speaking at the press conference, Gina McCarthy explained that nuclear energy can be used in clean energy policies.

New President elected as a result of the November election in the United States Joe Bidenwill also sign some regulations on the country’s infrastructure plan. Some details about how the President of the USA will make arrangements were shared today. Speaking at a press conference held yesterday at the White House, Climate Consultant Gina McCarthy, outside the concept of clean energy gave place to the statements.

Gina McCarthy is the administration’s public service will encourage you to use more green power sources He started by saying that he would try to implement a clean energy standard. Behind these words, both of nuclear energy him the carbon capture by sequestration (CCS – carbon capture with sequestration) announced that management will be involved in clean energy plans.

Nuclear power will be classified as clean energy:

nuclear energy

Today, many countries are turning to renewable energy sources such as wind, sun and water for clean energy, while the USA has also nuclear energy will add. Nuclear power does not generate any carbon pollution, and many experts believe that this type of energy is 0 carbon emission plans should be included it states.

How the concentration on nuclear energy will take shape in the USA has not been clearly explained at the moment. But this policy is only to cover already operating facilitiesTherefore, no new facilities are expected to be built. The biggest reason behind this expectation is shown as the difficulties and costs brought by the new facility.


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CCS, another technology mentioned by McCarthy, has long been a solution to carbon pollution problems as recommended. The technology captures carbon dioxide from power plant exhaust streams and keeps this gas underground. Currently, this technology is not used in any commercial power plant in the USA.

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