USA Announces It Will Not Approve Chinese N95 Masks


The US-affiliated FDA has issued a statement that the N95 masks of a Chinese factory, one of the largest manufacturers of N95 masks, are insufficient. After the notification, the necessary approval for the use of masks by healthcare workers was removed. The N95 serial numbers of the factory in question were also published for the public to check their masks.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), published a statement on one of the products whose use increased with the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic. N95 masks, recommended by experts because they filter the air in a way that does not allow viruses to pass, have been widely used, especially by healthcare professionals. The FDA’s statement, on the other hand, announced that some of these masks were not of sufficient quality for the use of healthcare professionals.

In a recent statement, the FDA N95 respirator masks from a factory in China declared that it should not be used by healthcare workers. Considering that most of these masks have spread to the world from the factory in question, this statement seems to affect the use of N92.

Most of the N95 masks are out of use

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Although it is affiliated with the USA, the health organization FDA, whose word is taken seriously by large masses in the world, stated that the N95 masks produced in the factory named ‘Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacturing’ do not comply with the required quality standards; announced that these masks should no longer be used by healthcare workers. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, affiliated to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, took the same decision. revoked the approvals of these masks. As a result, N95s that came out of the factory in question in the USA have ceased to be officially used.

It was also noted that using these masks is still a better option than not wearing any masks at all. Because masks from Dasheng do no harm other than providing less protection against COVID-19. However, the masks of this factory are sold all over the world with dozens of different brand names. So if you want to use the best, check the serial numbers below and you can tell if your mask comes from Dasheng.


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Serial numbers of N95 masks from ‘Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacturing’:

  • TC-84A-4329, TC-84A-4330, TC-84A-4331, TC-84A-4332
  • TC-84A-4334, TC-84A-4335, TC-84A-4336, TC-84A-4337
  • TC-84A-4398, TC-84A-4399, TC-84A-4400, TC-84A-4401
  • TC-84A-4463, TC-84A-4464, TC-84A-4465, TC-84A-4466, TC-84A-4467, TC-84A-4468, TC-84A-4469, TC-84A-4470, TC-84A-4471, TC-84A-4472, TC-84A-4473
  • TC-84A-4483, TC-84A-4484, TC-84A-4485, TC-84A-4486, TC-84A-4487
  • TC-84A-8150
  • TC-84A-8425
  • TC-84A-8543, TC-84A-8544, TC-84A-8545, TC-84A-8546, TC-84A-8547
  • TC-84A-8634, TC-84A-8635, and TC-84A-8636

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