USA: Trump forces Tiktok owners to withdraw from the US


US President Donald Trump has further increased the pressure on the video app Tiktok and its Chinese parent company Bytedance. Trump ordered by decree on Saturday night (Executive Order, PDF), among other things, that Bytedance must disconnect from all data from users in the United States within three months. Bytedance is also no longer allowed to own property in the USA that is used for the operation of Tiktok.

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Trump had already banned US Americans from doing business with Tiktok with reference to data security, but suspended the execution of the order until mid-September. If it takes effect, that would mean the end of the app in the USA.

With the new measures, the US President is putting Bytedance under even greater economic pressure. Bytedance remains as a way to meet the requirements of the decree, only a sale or the spin-off of the US business with Tiktok. Microsoft is currently negotiating with Bytedance about the
Acquisition of the Tiktok business in the USA and several other countries.

In his new ruling, Trump formally targeted Bytedance’s purchase of the app, which would later become Tiktok. The President formally prohibited the 2017 transaction. The action against Bytedance is officially justified in the decree with concerns about the national security of the USA. According to the US President, this is endangered by Bytedance.

In a Tiktok shows its opinion “shocked” on the decree and makes it clear again that the company has been trying for years to work closely with the US government and to meet its requirements. Addressed to the “100 million Americans”who use the app, the company said: “TikTok has never wavered in our commitment to you. We value your safety and the trust of our community – always.” The company also urges its users to take political action: “As a TikTok user, creator, partner, and family member, you have the right to speak up to your elected officials, including the White House. You have the right to be heard.”.

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