User Blocking Feature Coming to Google Drive


US-based technology giant Google will release a new update to curb spam and offensive content on the Drive platform. Thanks to the update, users will be able to block users who make spam or offensive posts.

Every user who steps into the Internet encounters useful and pleasing content, and is exposed to spam, trolls and offensive content. While it is easy to avoid such content on some platforms, it can turn into a complete torture on others. Google has also released an update to prevent such situations from happening on the Drive platform. People who share offensive content with the update becomes possible to prevent.

Aiming for its users to store and share information from anywhere, Google Drive now provides the opportunity to block users who undermine this purpose of the platform, even if you have given access to your content before. Google included the following words about the situation in a blog post: “The ability to block users is in addition to the ability of Drive to assist users in sharing. It will also ensure the safety of Drive users.

Offensive content can be deleted at once

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Google added that if you block a user from Drive, the user will not be able to contact you from other Google platforms. With the new blocking feature, you will be able to delete all files and folders in your Drive that are shared by the offending user. Thus, users will be able to get rid of spam or offensive content with a single action. Users, the user who makes offensive posts, They will also be able to prevent them from accessing the content they share.


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To block a user in Drive, it is sufficient to right-click on a file, click the Block (user) button in the pop-up menu, and then click the Block option in the pop-up window. Users who change their minds can unblock the person they blocked with the same method. Drive’s user blocking feature is rolling out for Google Workplace customers, G Suite Basic customers, Business customers, and users with personal Google accounts. It will be available on Thursday (July 29).

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