V-Coptr Falcon 4K Drone Camera Can Fly 50 Minutes


Zero Zero Robotics’ upcoming V-Coptr Falcon 4K Drone Camera can stay in the air for about 50 minutes with two propellers. Drone won’t waste batteries to stay in the air.

One of the problems that those who have a drone camera complain about is that their drones can stay in the air. Drone manufacturer Zero Zero Robotics will be released soon V-Coptr Falcon 4K The drone will surpass all standards so far.

The V-Coptr Falcon 4K will remain in the air for about 50 minutes, while the drone camera will provide it with two horizontal propellers, not batteries. Partially V-22 Osprey Inspired by the horizontal propeller design of the helicopter, the V-Coptr Falcon 4K offers more flight times. two floor efficient Zero Robotics COO Emily WangDouble propeller is more compact and efficient than four propeller helicopters, he said. Wang said the new product is also aerodynamically better.

More of four propeller designs air with resistance Wang, the horizontal propeller design of the drone’s profile throughout the flight. down up remains the same. Wang, the new product “memorization disruptive“and a great turning point.

Drone cameras can be revolutionized


hover Camera Passport and hover 2nd Zero Robotics, which achieved success with its drones, was able to take selfie immediately without thinking of pilotage with these two products. But even under ideal conditions, these drones maximum The flight time was 20 minutes.

However, this is not unusual. V-Copter sized drone cameras can stay in the air for 20 to 30 minutes. In order to ensure safe landing, drones it also limits how far it can fly. Flight time 50 minutes will provide greater flexibility at a time, as well as increase the number of images that can be taken.

According to Wang, the new V-Copter, Up to 4K resolution videos and 12 megapixels take photos. All these will be secured by a three-axis motorized balancing ring. The drone will also have some subject tracking options available on the Hover, which focuses on selfie. the drone obstacle avoidance at the front will help.

New mini drone product on the way


New product, 7 kilometer video transmission range. Taller in the air stay feature, with other drones can not be taken long-distance images can be taken with V-Coptr. The drone can also be monitored and controlled by phone.

Here is official introduction video of  V-Coptr Falcon camera drone