Vaccination Rate to be Achieved in Turkey Announced


Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Seçil Özkan announced that she has the vaccination rate necessary to defeat the coronavirus in Turkey. According to Özkan, in order to defeat the coronavirus, 70 percent vaccination is required.

An important statement came about the vaccination process, which is Turkey’s new agenda in the coronavirus pandemic. Member of the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee prof. Dr. Secil Ozkan In the statements made by the company, data on the vaccination rate necessary for Turkey to overcome the coronavirus epidemic were shared. Accordingly, in order for Turkey to get rid of the scourge of coronavirus, the population as much as 70 percent needs to be vaccinated. For now, this rate is around 25 percent.

prof. Dr. Seçil Özkan, the most basic of the vaccine protection strategy states that this applies not only to COVID-19, but also to other diseases. Mentioning that people should not be afraid of vaccination, Özkan said that the age limit for vaccination has decreased to 16, but between 16 and 30 years old He says that the vaccination rate is not at the desired level. Scientific committee member, why young people should be vaccinated that they don’t care also announced.

“They say I’m young, I’ll get over the disease quickly”


According to the statements made by Scientific Committee Member Özkan, there is a common and mistaken approach among young people. So much so that young people suffer from the disease due to their age. They believe that they will have a light. However, stating that this is not true, the member of the Scientific Committee states that the disease can affect everyone. According to Seçil Özkan, young people who have the right to be vaccinated should receive the vaccine. must be shot.


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prof. Dr. Another point that Seçil Özkan mentioned in her explanations is the relationship between vaccination and the level of relief. it was a mismatch. Expressing that the protection of the vaccine is indisputable, Özkan said, however, that these vaccines are not good enough for transmission, and that even people who are vaccinated can get sickThat’s why he says that mask, distance and hygiene rules should be paid attention to for a while…

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