Vaccine Statement by Minister of Health Koca

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced the new age group in the vaccination group with a post he shared on his Twitter account today morning. According to Koca’s statement, anyone over the age of 40 can now be vaccinated.

Another important step has been taken in the vaccination studies, which are said to gain momentum in our country with the month of June. Finally, together with professional groups such as musicians, teachers, 45 years and older The age group is constantly expanding in the vaccination studies that have started to be implemented for

In our country, which aims to get rid of the epidemic with the intensive vaccination program to be applied in the summer months, Citizens aged 40 and over were included in the vaccination program. According to the statement made by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca on his official Twitter account, all citizens aged 40 and over from this morning they can make an appointment.

One hundred percent participation is expected:

If you are over the age of 40 or belong to one of the priority occupational groups described MHRS or e-Pulse You can make an appointment by checking your vaccination status on the website. When creating an appointment choose the vaccine you want Let us remind you that you have the opportunity to be vaccinated at any health institution.

The total number of vaccines administered in our country as of now 33.417.224. The number of those who received a single dose of vaccine was 19,751,780 and the number of those who received the second dose was 13,665,444. So that we can get rid of the epidemic before more people lose their lives and suffer more. Everyone should be vaccinated. For this reason, Koca said in his statement A hundred percent participation is expected. expressed.


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Knowing that there is no truth to the manipulative claims made by those who are against the vaccine, everyone who comes to the vaccine should go He needs to be vaccinated as soon as possible. For answers to all your questions about vaccination here by clicking Ministry of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Information Platform you can visit.