Valve Answers Steam Deck FAQs


Video game developer company Valve Corporation has answered frequently asked questions about the highly anticipated handheld game console Steam Deck.

Valve recently developed a portable PC device for gamers. Steam Deck It started sending development kits for In a short time, there was a lot of positive feedback about the device. Especially session, control keys and with screen size Questions about the acclaimed device are endless. Valve frequently asked questions about Steam Deck (SSS) replied.

The comfortable design of the handheld game system Steam Deck, which is expected to be released in December 2021 by Valve, brings a new breath to game consoles, excites users. The device, which is thought to compete with the Nintendo Switch, draws attention to many innovations.

Let’s take a look at the highlights:

  • There is great news for folks who have game libraries on other game stores like the Epic Games Store. On Steam Deck Proton through non-SteamOS games can be run easily.
  • You will be able to install dual operating systems on Steam Deck. This is Valve’s Linux-based gaming operating system alongside SteamOS without having to completely replace SteamOS. additional operating systems It means it can be installed. So when you boot the device you can choose to install SteamOS or Windows 11. This will make it even easier for people who want to play Windows-based games that are not supported by Proton.
  • Another new feature is the Steam Deck. joystick You can use as. Steam Deck offers the ability to control the action on the PC through remote playback. This will come in handy for those who don’t have a controller but want to play games that work best on computers with controller support.

Valve also announced two new features. The first is on the Steam Deck device more than one Steam account will be available and each account will have its own settings. The second is to install an operating system on the device with the SD card. you will be able to upload. This way there may be a loss of performance, but it will save space on the built-in hard drive.

Don’t get your hopes up for VR (Virtual Reality) yet


UI of Valve’s Handheld Console, Steam Deck, Coming in December Leaked

In addition to many exciting features, there is also news that will upset those who are waiting. Valve is a company that has made pioneering developments in the field of virtual reality. Before Valve Index’i and one of the best VR games ever made Half Life: Alyx’i had put it on the market. However, it gave the news that the Steam Deck, which we are looking forward to being released, is not optimized for VR experiences. Although it is understandable when the Steam Deck is examined considering the hardware required for VR performance, we hope that the consoles produced in the future will be VR supported.

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