Vanlife for photographers: with the camper to the motif

Camping – as it used to be called – did not inspire me as a photographer for a long time. I have associated this term with crowded campsites and large white campers or stuffy caravans. For a long time, a comfortable hotel room in the mountains just seemed more practical to me. Finally, I was able to drive my car without any problems. But now I have rethought: why not combine the two? Just take the "hotel" to the photo spots?

I was inspired by the "Vanlife" trend, in which your own home in the form of a camper is always there, free of the down-to-earth structure of a campsite, regardless of given schedules and in the midst of wild nature. I wanted to try that myself and in April 2019 I went on a nine-month photo trip with my camper van – it took me from the Mediterranean to the Alps to the Northern Lights in the far north. I wanted to enjoy these wonderful photo spots without the typical pressure of a short photo vacation, and my camper should not only serve as a rolling hotel room and base for photo sessions, but also be a mobile office for writing and editing photos.

The demands of each individual are of course very different. A small car with a roof tent is enough for some, others need more space and do not want to do without luxury such as a shower and toilet. I myself chose the middle road and traveled with a relatively small, five-meter-long camper van with a table, kitchen, bed and portable toilet. About a year before my long trip, I bought it new and expanded it as a camper. It is not just my motorhome, but also my everyday vehicle. So far, I've driven this solution well even in large cities. I also found that the security and security that such a house on wheels gives you cannot be topped by any luxury hotel! Those who like to be out in nature may never travel or even want to live differently again.

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