VAT Discount Coming to Pet Foods


HAÇİKO President Ömür Gedik shared that the Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance had promised to reduce the VAT on foods. The work is expected to be completed in a few months.

The exchange rate, which started to increase at the beginning of September, increased more than 2 times until the end of the year, causing us to see huge hikes in the prices of all kinds of products and services. Of course, the product group in which these hikes were felt the most and the price of which changed every day was the products imported from abroad. About 2 months ago, there was a product for pet food, which is one of these products. the campaign was launched.

Pet owners and all animal lovers, after the sudden increase in food prices by tens of TL, to request the abolition of VAT started. Signature campaign While more than 150 thousand volunteers were signing, weeks later a positive statement came on this issue.

VAT rate will be reduced on foods


Ömür Gedik, President of the Association for the Protection of Animals from Helplessness and Apathy (HAÇİKO), presented the animal lovers’ request for VAT reduction in food to Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance Mahmut Gürcan. Gedik gave the good news in the statement he made afterwards:We have received the promise that VAT will be simplified and the 18% VAT rate will be reduced.


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Gedik explained to Mahmut Gürcan that cat and dog food is not a luxury, but a necessity, and that people have difficulties in adopting animals and feeding those at home, with the prices of 18% VAT reflected. Gedik, within the scope of the promise received from Deputy Minister Mahmut Gürcan a few months expressed their hope that the said simplification works will be concluded.

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