VeBitcoin CEO İlker Baş and his wife arrested

Vebitcoin CEO İlker Baş, whose all accounts in financial institutions were blocked by MASAK, was arrested. Baş’s wife Güliz Baş and employees of the company Berkay B. and Aykut E. were also arrested.

Cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in Muğla Vebitcoinrecently came to the agenda when it stopped its activities. Following this statement, the CEO of the platform, İlker Baş, his wife and two employees were detained.

The boss of the company, nicknamed “Baron”, who was referred to the courthouse after the detentions İlker BaşHer husband Güliz Baş, known as “Hanımğa”, and Berkay B. and Aykut E., two employees of the company, were referred to the 2nd Criminal Judgeship of Peace on Duty after their statements at the prosecutor’s office.

Court on duty arrested

İlker Baş

İlker Baş, On duty at the 2nd Criminal Court of Peace He was arrested after his statement. After Baş, the court ruled to arrest her husband Güliz Baş and the employees of the company. The suspects were caught by the Muğla Police Department Cyber ​​Crimes Branch teams.

crypto money raised in Turkey in recent years to focus not know. After the announcement that the crypto money exchanges are being watched and the regulations will come, first Thodex then VeBitcoin investors were victimized.

In previous examinations, İlker Baş has a Betting dealer operated had appeared. It was also among the information that the Baş couple appeared before the judge in another case.

Corona tests are also positive

İlker Baş

Suspects after arrest due to coronavirus procedures Covid-19 texts was also carried out. The test results of İlker Baş and his wife Güliz Baş were also positive It was stated that it was out. The head couple will go through a quarantine process before going to prison.

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