VeBitcoin CEO İlker Baş was Running a Betting Dealer in Muğla


It was revealed that İlker Baş, the founder and CEO of VeBitcoin exchange, who announced that he had ceased operations yesterday evening, is running a bookmaker in Muğla. MASAK started an investigation on VeBitcoin and the company’s assets in banks were blocked.

one of Turkey’s main agenda in recent crypto currencies, rather cryptocurrency exchanges has been. THODEX by scandal the series of events that started, and finally, another domestic crypto currency exchange, VeBitcoin’in that it has stopped its activities with the explanation had continued.

Reported problems in transactions in the last days VeBitcoinpublished a statement on the website yesterday evening and reported that it had ceased all its activities, upon which the Financial Crimes Investigation Board initiated an investigation on the issue. the company’s bank accounts in Turkey had blocked.

VeBitcoin CEO İlker Baş turned out to be running a football bookmaker in Muğla:

VeBitcoin CEO Ilker Baş

Upon the cessation of activities in the stock exchange and the initiation of an investigation CEO of the company, İlker Baş Some information about him started to appear on social media. In a post on Twitter, İlker Baş’s CV’si was taking place.

According to CV, İlker Baş, the founder and CEO of the crypto money exchange, is also a member of the Assembly and is in Muğla. of a bookmaker (I won Iddaa Dealer) seems to be the owner. While it is claimed that the information was taken from the website of the Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the page about İlker Baş seems to have been taken off the air.


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Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) initiated about THODEX and VeBitcoin exchanges investigations continues. Both companies have said they have blocked the assets of state banks in Turkey.